Completed Events

April 1, 2017
 Capitol City Classic

April 29, 2017
 MS Walk

April 22, 2017
 Ouachita Trail 50

April 22, 2017
 Rocket 5K

May 29, 2017
 Memorial Day

June 3, 2017
 Tour de Rock

Thumbnail Sketch of Severe Weather

Tornado Watch
 Be alert; conditions are favorable for severe weather and possibly tornadoes.

Tornado Warning
 A tornado has been reported or indicated by Doppler Radar. Leave mobile homes and autos. Take shelter. Contrary to some reports, mobile homes and autos are not safe.
After the Tornado:
1. Stay put--let disaster workers come to you
2. No open flame until utilities checked
3. Avoid downed lines
4. Implement family emergency plan
5. Retrieve "Grab and Go Bag" personal safety disaster supply kit.

 Underground structure best. Lower floor without outside walls of a large steel frame building, interior rooms, under staircases, bathtub, ground depression or ditch, under bridges as near to the top as possible. Lie flat, Avoid outside windows. Take "Grab Bag and Go" disaster supply kit.

Severe Thunderstorm Warning
 Stay away from windows, appliances, telephones, metal doors. Unplug unneeded appliances.

 If you hear thunder, you are in danger. Lightning can strike 10 miles from a thunderstorm. Avoid boating, swimming, golfing, bike riding, standing under trees, mowing lawn, talking on phone, outdoor sports. Best protection is inside a building or auto.

 The number one thunderstorm killer. Most deaths at night in autos. Do not, under any circumstances, cross swift moving water. For each foot of moving water, 500 pounds of lateral force is applied to an auto. For each foot of water your car weighs 1500 pounds less. Two feet of water moving 6 to 12 miles per hour will carry a 3000 pound car away.

Flood Warning
 If you live in flood plain, evacuate to higher ground. If water is above your ankles, turn around and go back. Most people cannot stand up in knee deep water moving 6 to 12 miles per hour.
After the Flood:
1. Throw out contaminated food and water.
2. Boil drinking water 5 minutes before use.
3. Electrical Equipment should be dried and checked before use.
4. No open flame until utilities checked.
Upcoming Events

October 7-8, 2017
 Arkansas Traveler 100

December 9-10, 2017
 Raid the Rock

December 16, 2017
 3 Bridges Marathon